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Prerequisites for Visiting Doctors / Researchers

Final/definite travel plans

Finalizing your travel plans is not possible without a final and definite confirmation of Prof. Dr. H. Weber.


Housing in Tuebingen is quite costly. Costs for an average apartment plus living range in the order of 1400 Euro per month. We would try to help you with finding an apartment. 

more about Tuebingen

Health insurance

Make sure, that your health insurance is valid for Germany (better: for Europe), too.

Health certificate

You should not suffer from any infectious diseases like Hepatitis B and C, HIV or Tuberculosis.


English is sufficient to get along in the clinic, in Tuebingen, and in Europe. However, a good knowledge of German is essential and quite helpful for daily life. Most of our foreign guests were quite successful in learning German at a Goethe Institute

Besides the General Requirements, you have to fulfill the following points to get an allowance to examine and treat patients (Berufserlaubnis) within one of our Postgraduate Programs:

  • Language: certificated Level C1 including terminology in German
  • Oral Examination at the local Dentist Chamber (Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung)
  • Graduation in Dental Medicine/ Dentistry from a University.

For residents of the EU, the administrative/ federal requirements are reduced; the professional/academic requirements remain the same. The documents being necessary for applicants from the EU consist of:

  • CV;
  • birth/marriage certificate;
  • proof of nationality;
  • health insurance;
  • health certificate;
  • certified copy of the final exam and a certified translation of this in German or English.

These documents have to be submitted with a letter of recommendation/ acceptance by Prof. Dr. H.  Weber to the governmental office “Regierungspräsidium” in Stuttgart.