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All about Tuebingen...

Tuebingen was first mentioned in 1078 as a city around the Castle "Hohentuebingen". In 1477, Duke "Eberhard im Barte" founded the Eberhard-Karls-University.

The University spreaded with buildings around the "Altstadt" (old town, city center) and over the hills surounding the center, during the past five centuries. Thus you pass by signs and buildings of people you surely have heard of: Alois Alzheimer, J.W. Goethe, F. Holderlin, Johannes Kepler or nobel laurates among others e.g. A. Butenandt and Nüsslein-Volhard.

Today, Tuebingen is home of the University with around 20.000 students, a University Clinic with about 8000 employers as well as the residences of the regional goverment (RP), the courthouse (LRA),  and the land court. Tuebingen became a center for biotechnology and medical technology encompassing scientific facilities like the Max-Planck-Campus, Center for Integrative Neuroscience or Helmholtz-Center for Neurodegeneration and headquater of high-tech start-ups such as AmbiGate, biotech-companies such as CureVac, textile industry such as Roesch, and engeneering like the Walter AG.

In summary, Tuebingen is a small town with around 70.000 inhabitants - mostly young, well educated and internationally open-minded. This makes Tuebingen a city of knowledge transfer with a high quality of life. In return it makes Tuebingen pricy and from time to time a bit crowded. 

Tuebingen is located 40 kilometers South of Stuttgart.

Stuttgart Airport is 25 km North of Tuebingen.
It is a car ride of about 25 minutes along the speedway (B27) to Stuttgart.
All major car rental services are represented their.
Your airport transfer can be self-organised cheaply (~8 EUR) with a Regional-Bus (line 828) directly to Tuebingen (every 30 minutes, 1 hour of travel). The bus line 828 leaves at the airport bus station (platform 3), which is situated 3 minutes of walk at the right hand side when you left the arrival level of the airport (ground floor). You can pay your ticket in the bus - but cash only.

Taxi-Transfer from the airport is about 60 EUR one way.
You should contact a Tuebingen Taxi at least 1 hour prior to your arrival:
Taxi Zentrale (+49 7071 920 555), Minicar (+49 7071 93500).

Normally the taxis catch you up at the departure level (1st floor) - please clarify this issue when ordering a taxi.
The best price and service offers so far: Taxi Akbulut

Tuebingen main station is connected to Stuttgart directly.
A train ride between Stuttgart and Tuebingen takes around 1 hour.
The main station is in walking distance to the city center (6-8 minutes). You will need 20 minutes by foot to reach the Dental Clinic.
Alternatively you can catch a bus (line 5, every 10 Minutes, direction "Wanne/ WHO") - Please get off at "Wilhelmstraße" for the city center or "Kliniken Tal" for the Dental School. 

Please note, that reaching Tuebingen via Stuttgart airport or main station is the most comfortable way. Alternatively you can plan your route by plane and train also via Zurich, Frankfurt, or Munich.



For short visits you should check the Hotels and Garnis which are all priced between 90 and 120 EUR a night.We can recommend within the city:

5* LaCasa
4* Domizil
3* Ibis Style
3* Hotel am Schloss
Pension Katharina

For longer visits you should contact AIRBNB offers in advance. Furthermore we can support you for a stay at the one of the Guest Houses of the University.

For a longer stay (over 4 months) you should rent an appartment. Therefore you should check the offers at ImmobilienScout24, Mitwohnzentrale or the Local Press. Apartments should be searched and fixed 3 months before your definitive arrival. As a shortage of rooms and appartments/ flats it is diffucult to find a proper offer within the city - even if expense is no object.

Living in Tuebingen is quite exspensive compared to average German cities.

As you might have read, the choice of appartments is limited, if you want to live in or near the city center. Currently the monthly rent can be calculated roughly with a price of 10 EUR in the city and 6-7 EUR in the vincinity of Tuebingen (still connected to public transfer) per Square Meter (sqm). You should calculate a monthly rent of roundabout 600 EUR if you travel alone, and 800-1000 EUR if you bring your partner.

Electricity and rubbish collection as well as radio license fees will be about 50 EUR monthly on top. A parking space to garage your car can be priced between 20 and 50 EUR monthly.

Public transport is priced about 30-40 EUR a month. A round trip to Stuttgart by train is 25 EUR. An average Taxi ride in Tübingen is about 10-15 EUR.

For daily food you may use the market or supermarkets, where you could get along with 150 EUR a month. Lunch at the Hospital is priced between 5 and 9 EUR including a drink. A meal including a drink in a regular restaurant is priced about 13-18 EUR.

Overall you should calculate about 1400 EUR monthly exspense on your living in Tuebingen.

Tuebingen and its vinicity offers a bunch of cultural, leisuring and sportive activities.
We'd like to give you only a few highlights.

Tuebingen impresses with a charming old town "Altstadt" with small individual shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. If you stroll around "Osterberg" and "Schlossberg" you will be impressed by wonderful view to the Swabian Alps, the Villas and fraternity houses build in the end of the 19th century.

Artlovers enjoy The Kunsthalle (at Wanne area, open in 2017). Visitors with an historical faible must see the archeological Collection of the University (at the Caste Hohentübingen). Also nearby, the Castle "Hohenzollern" - worth a day trip.

In Metzingen, the city of HugoBoss' former company headquater, turned into an "Outlet-City" where you can find shops of nearly all designers/ brands in fashion industry, with at least 30% off. If you are into sweets and chocolate - visit the internationally reputative Ritter Sport in Waldenbuch (15 Minutes by bus).

For leisure take a trip to the Swabian Alb with its UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Please check the official portrait of Tuebingen for more impetus.

Tuebingen is peppered with Bars, Cafes and Restaurants. So it's hard to make a choice. We'd like to give you some recommendations for local and convenient hospitality. Most of the restaurants and bars are located in the city center.

Restaurants with typical Swabian food:
Alte Weinstube Göhner, Wurstküche/ Urige, Neckarmüller

Convinient Restaurants:
Centrale [ita], Kadoya [jap], Alte Kunst, Ranitzky, Krumme Brücke

Restaurants for uptown tastes:
Forelle, Hirsch (Bebenhausen), Sampha-thai, Basilikum (Lustnau), Sternwarte (Wanne)

Bars, Taverns, Cafes:
Weinstube Beck, Martkschenke/Tangente Jour, Hanseatica, Cafe Binder

Nightlife / Bars:
Chez Michel, Butterbrezel, Schwarzes Schaf, Ribingur?mu, Blauer Turm