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Financing the Postgraduate Program

Tution fees

The annual fee is 40.000 EUR. The payment is due at the beginning of the academic semester (Mid of April or Mid of October) for the subsequent year. Due to scholarships and funding reasons the term and date of payment can be adapted in advance by special regulations. The programm will be declined within 3 months time of restricted or payment default.

The annual fee covers the whole curriculum of postgraduate / clinical education and research.


Funding/financial support

No financial support or funding can be provided by neither the University Clinic/ Center for Dentistry nor by the Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen.

You will not be contracted or employed - this status is not possible without a German Dental Licence and furthermore restricted due to University laws and bylaws.

Some visitors were successful in applying a scholarships from the DAAD.

Please check also your National Programs - We will be helpful in any possible way as far as all administrative requirements for your visit are fulfilled.