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Doctoral Programm (DMD)

The Doctoral Program of the Dr. med. dent. is open to all examined dentists or natural scientist (at least Master Degree). It encompasses an own research under supervision of a Professor. The research must be performed by yourself and written as a thesis. An oral examination in Dental Medicine as well as a doctoral viva is mandatory to be inaugurated as a Dr. med. dent. Commonly this takes two to four years full-time. This program is different from the "Postgraduate Program in Prosthodontics" since it only adresses research.


The department offers the opportunity to perform lab or clinical research.

For lab/ bench reseach you may apply with a proposal focussing on the reseach activities of our department and the Section "Medical Materials Science and Technology".

For clinical research including patients (observation or even treatment)
please cross check the additional requirements to obtain an allowance.

Professional/academic requirements

  • Finished academic education in dentistry and/or in a field of natural science (of e.g.: physics;chemistry; biology; etc.)
  • Two verbal examinations in fields/disciplines of the German dental exam; the disciplines are determined by the Medical Faculty; they have to be passed after the written doctoral thesis has been submitted and evaluated by two referees/reviewers (members of the Medical Faculty)
  • Equivalence of your academic exam with the according German one. Therefor, you need certified copies of your original documents of our final exam (and of any other academic degree – if available) as well as certified translations of these in German or English. A federal institution will evaluate your exam and give recommendations with regard to potentially lacking/missing tests. Based on this recommendation, the Medical Faculty will decide whether and – if so – which additional tests (i.e. verbal examinations) have to be passed by you for achieving the German equivalence of your exam.

Administrative/federal requirements

  • Extended visa according to the federal regulations (can be applied far from Tuebingen)
  • All documents being necessary and listed for the guest scientist coming from the EU are needed for this status as well (see prerequisites)
  • Please provide a proof or confirmation of your financial support/grant
  • Depending on the topic – type of your thesis – a working permit for working on patients the necessary documents for this potential permit are listed under prerequisites, too.


Chair & Head of the Department

Prof. Dr. Heiner Weber

Please use the application form for postgraduates.

How to apply

You should work with our checklist and
use the application form for postgraduate
to apply for the doctoral program.

Download Checklist "Doctoral Program"

Download Application Form Postgraduates