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Scientific activities

The Department of Prosthodontics works scientifically in several fields of research:

1. Long-term stability and success of implants, combined and all-ceramic restorations

2. Clinical testing of medical devices, dentures, and biomaterials.

3. Health services research focussing oral healthcare delivery

4. Biomaterial evaluation together with the Section "Medical Material Science & Technology (MWT)"

Additiionally, the department runs the Study-Office "Medical Devices" (SZ) which is part of the  Center for Clinical Trials (ZKS) at the University Hospital Tuebingen.

Furthermore, we cooperate with the  Core Facility "Health Services Research".

Due to the considerable scope of preclinical and clinical teaching the education research covers didactics, competencies and outcomes in undergraduate patient treatments. 

All research activities are coordinated at the Study Office (SZ), exspect the placing of theses.Doctoral Theses


Requests for cooperation or contract research
please contact

Fabian Huettig, DMD, Ass.Med.Dir
Tel.: +49 7071 - 29 86 183
Study Office "Medical Devices"
Mittelbau EG / Room 3.102
Osianderstr. 2-8 * 72070 Tübingen

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